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My solution

Unique Content Creation

Perfect for: Business leaders and marketers who want to increase the return on their marketing efforts.


Can include any of the following:

  • SEO based evergreen articles that rank #1 in Google.
  • Videos that spark emotion.
  • Social media updates.
  • Design of elements that drive traffic (headers, thumbnails, social media updates etc.).
My solution

Digital Marketing Strategy and Action Plan

Perfect for: Business leaders and marketers who want to feel confident about their digital marketing strategy.



  • Aligning the strategy with the company’s uniqueness (purpose, values and people).
  • Insight into what’s going on in your ideal customer’s head (hopes, dreams, fears, desires).
  • Understanding of where your ideal customers spend time.
  • Strategies and tactics to attract, convert and keep customers.

Thank you!

I can’t wait to get to know you and your business better, and I will reply as soon as possible! In the meanwhile, let’s connect on LinkedIn to get to know eachother better.

My solution

Purpose Alignment Package

Perfect for: Leadership teams that want to create ultimate clarity about their company’s envisioned future.



  • 2 Alignment Sessions with the leadership team (on location or virtual).
  • Practical tools and exercises to align the leadership team around the business’ purpose, values and uniqueness.
  • Wordsmithing your new purpose, values and vision.
raoul wijnberg
Hi, I'm Raoul!

I do work that matters for companies that care. 


My work allows your businesses to stop being a commodity and to start communicating meaningfully.

As a result, you can attract more clients, partners and talents that care about your story.


(YES, I do have the degrees (BA Economics, MSc Marketing) and the experience (10+ Multinationals, 30+ SMEs, 20+ Sole Traders) to back my strategies up.


But more importantly – I have the mindset and ability to connect with your purpose and values in such a way that I can bring your uniqueness to life like no one else.